Matt The Music Man brings an upbeat, super animated, engaging, fun, interactive, one of a kind Children’s and Family Music Show. He has performed at many early childhood centers, elementary schools, libraries, community concerts, churches, temples, and just about every kind of family gathering for the last 15 years.  As an early childhood teacher for many years, and a professional musician/guitarist who has toured the world, Matt has uniquely combined his two passions: To bring his love for music to the youngest of listeners.  Creating smiles, peace, joy, and happiness through music has been Matt’s main goal through the years.

It all started when Matt finished his degree at SUNY Geneseo. Matt worked for 4 years as an early childhood teacher at Stony Brook University. Here he had first hand real experience working with young children. He had a chance to fully understand the amazingly precious young child. With some great teachers, Matt learned so much about how to get on the level of a child, how to explore and teach about this world, and most importantly how to positively influence the young child. Since that time, Matt has made it a mission to bring happiness, joy, laughter, and many smiles to every child he meets or entertains all over this world. Overall, this time proved to be an incredibly valuable experience in the development of his music program that would soon follow.

Matt eventually started his music program with a couple of flyers in the mail to schools in the Long Island, NY area. He performed a few shows, and within months the phone started ringing off the hook. It became a word of mouth phenomenon! There were weeks where it was not uncommon for Matt to be performing 10-12 schools/events per week!  Pretty soon he was driving to Westchester, NYC, New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington DC.  Parents were recommending him to other parents, relatives were referring him to other relatives, and directors were telling other schools about this one of a kind children’s music performer and teacher. His collaboration CD “Strummin’ and Drummin” with his brother Chris won the prestigious IParenting and Parents Choice awards.

Through the years the program has evolved in many ways, but the messages and inspirations have always remained the same. To bring a multicultural, all inclusive, fun, upbeat, positive, joyful music show for children and families across the world.  Along with his trusty guitars, catchy songs, loads of drums and exotic musical instruments, Matt has been a positive influence on 1000’s of children in the NY area.

Today, he lives with his family in Eastern Long Island.  When not performing and playing guitar, Matt can be found making fresh juices, fishing on the lake, and just enjoying nature with his wife Dionne and daughter Madison.