There is no greater joy than to bring the gift of music to the children of our world.  I've played on some pretty big stages all over this world, but still there is nothing that compares with the smiles, laughter, and excitement of young children exploring the amazing art form of music. Through guitar accompanied sing a longs, hands on drumming, and the introduction of instruments, my programs and concerts give children a fun, entertaining, educational opportunity to explore music and all of its wonderful qualities.

My curriculum and philosophy are truly original and based on my travels and experiences in the real world. I've performed for over 15 years for many Early Childhood Centers, Elementary Schools, and private classes. Some years i have performed over 10 shows per week and up to 250 shows per year!  I have worn the knees out on many pairs of jeans through the years. I have also toured the world with my own jazz group for over 10 years performing for audiences of all ages. Through these travels, I have built a music program based on what children really respond to and enjoy. I've also incorporated my personal belief in spreading a message of Joy and Happiness through the music. I always bring a positive, very animated, upbeat, and inspirational attitude to each program and show I perform. Making it entertaining for the adults is always part of the plan too!

The Song

With my trusty and reliable guitar i've visited many schools and programs through the years. One of the most amazing ways to reach children is with the wonderful gift of song. Whether it be some well known favorites, one of my original tunes, or songs in other languages from around the world, the gift of song has so much to offer. Where else can you combine language, culture, vocabulary, geography, holidays, and basically any theme in the world? I've performed and written songs for just about every imaginable theme there is. Please visit my music page to sample one of my original songs.


Sitting and listening are only so much fun for young children. My shows have a big interactive element to them. I bring many drums and instruments to my programs and shows. Drums are the perfect way for children to instantly make music! I've watched so many groups through the years play drums with big smiles across their faces. The freedom for children to express themselves through their drumming is quite powerful. The different sounds and tones they can create allows them to see the many possibilities of music. The concepts of teamwork and listening are also very valuable when drumming as a group. We've also been known to get some of the teachers, parents, and even principals on stage joining in on the fun!


Each and every show I perform has a multicultural theme. To value and embrace all the wonderful and diverse ways of life in our world is something that is most important to me. Through music we can really enjoy and explore all the amazing cultures of the world. Whether it be African drumming, singing a song in Spanish from Puerto Rico, or listening to an exotic rain stick from South America, we can use music as the ultimate vehicle for multicultural learning. We've been blessed with so many rich traditions and cultures across our globe. Through music we can easily teach about and explore our incredible world.


A big part of all of my shows is humor. I've found myself acting quite silly in front of many groups through the years. Partly to keep the attention of the children, and party because laughter and humor are things I place great value in. We have a busy world filled with many deadlines, many dates, and many things to do. Smiles, laughter, and joy are qualities that are so needed in our fast paced world.  You can definitely count on some humor during a Matt The Music Man show!